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Effective Indoor Cairn Terrier Training Tips That Work

The Cairn terrier breed is the smallest of the terrier dogs and has become a popular choice for pet lovers living in the cities because of their suitability for living in confined spaces.

Growing up to a maximum of 10 inches in height and weighing at most 14 pounds, this sturdy little canine grows quite a long set of shaggy hair, which adds to its unique likable character.

Cairn terrier dogs are very loyal to their owners and have been found to be friendly around strangers as well as other animals.

They were initially bred as farms dogs used for chasing away vermin, badgers and foxes; a characteristic that can still be seen in them today.

They do bark a lot and you’ll find them to be extra alert and will let you know when anyone comes to the door, which is perfect for people in need of a guard dog.

In terms of Cairn terrier training you shouldn’t have much of a problem, they are an intelligent breed who learn quickly and are relatively obedient, though as with all dogs a firm approach is most affective during the initial stage of training.

If you’re feeling a little anxious about taking care of your new Cairn terrier dogs don’t be, there is a lot of helpful Cairn terrier information available online or from your local vets to help you along the way.

Simple Toilet Training Techniques

When it comes to Cairn terrier training in your home there are a few specific boundaries that you must teach your dog as soon as they get their little paws on the floor.

You should already have picked out a spot in your garden or an area of your apartment to use as your animals toilet, your terrier will need to form an understanding of what this area is for whilst still young.

Each day place them in the area and leave them to get a scent of the surroundings; use a command like “toilet now” a couple of times in a firm but friendly tone.

After your dog relieves themselves make a big fuss about it, pet them and give them a lot of praise so that an emotional bond is made with this action and area.

Crate Training Your Cairn Terrier Puppies

This is a popular method that can be used with great results during Cairn terrier training sessions; the idea is to train your dog to use the toilet only when let out side of the cage.

Dogs have an inherent dislike of soiling their sleeping area, so as they get used to the small cage being their sleeping area, they will hold it until they are let out.

They will then use the same action when let out into your home space and only go to the toilet outside. When choosing a cage go for one that is big enough for your terrier to grow into, because your puppies will be very small in comparison to the cage use a piece of cardboard to half the size during training.

Here are a few extra bit of information to help ease the shock of crate training for your new puppies:

  • The Cairn terrier breed is known to be a very enthusiastic and energetic animal who loves affection, so at first they will endlessly whine when put into the cage. It is easy to give into the adorable cries of a tiny puppy though remember it is for their own good and yours that they learn this routine before entering the main house space.
  • Try placing the crate in the kitchen space where a lot of people come and go; this will keep your puppies in close proximity to people during the brief separation.
  • Keep the cage floor covered in comfortable soft blankets and perhaps add a few small dog toys to keep your puppies relaxed and comfortable for this period of time.

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