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How to Keep Your Cairn Terrier Puppies Healthy and Happy

Have you just adopted a litter of Cairn terrier puppies into your family? Or perhaps you’ve just rescued an adult terrier from your local animal shelter?

Well you’ve made a great choice; whether you acquired your new companion from registered Cairn terrier breeders or another source, this high energy little canine is always a delight to have around.

The Boston terrier breed is known to have an open and friendly character, is not afraid of strangers or other dogs and is well controlled around children.

If you’ve never seen a Cairn terrier before, it is the same breed of dog that played Toto in the original ‘Wizard of OZ’ film; they have small sturdy bodies that reach a height of about 10 inches and medium length scraggy thin hair.

If you don’t like regularly grooming your dogs then this is definitely not the right choice of breed for you; in terms of Cairn terrier health issues they live for up to a maximum of 15 years, though they do tend to suffer from a wide range of serious conditions especially if they’re fed a bad diet.

Taking care of a new puppy will initially take up a lot of your time until they have been house trained; but don’t worry there is plenty of Cairn terrier information available on the internet to help you through any tough times that you might have.

To help get you started on your journey here is some Cairn terrier information related to your new Cairn terrier puppies health and well being:

Feeding your Cairn Terrier Puppies

Cairn terrier breeders who breed specifically for money love this particular variety of dog for 2 reasons it is very popular with people living in the cities and their small stomachs require very little food to keep them going.

A cairn terrier puppy can survive on eating nearly nothing each day, there fore you won’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive dog food every week. It’s best to feed your dog either 2 highly nutritious meals a day or 3 smaller portions in the morning, lunch and dinner times.

Over feeding your terrier will create an overweight animal in a very short time; the extra fat will slow them down and make it difficult to move their limbs.

To test the weight of your terrier, pinch the skin above the ribs with your thumb and forefinger, there should not be an extra layer of soft fat only a thin top layer resting above the bone and bits of muscle.

Younger puppies 10 – 12 weeks old obviously need more food to feed their constantly developing bodies, give them 3 meals a day for the first 3-4 months of their life.

You’ll know when to cut down the meal portions because your cairn terrier may lose interest in their lunch time meal; this is the best time to remove it from their feeding schedule.

When choosing the right food for your animal, always go for the natural organic varieties or those without additives and preservatives which may cause such a small animal a lot of side affects.

Cairn Terrier Exercise Routines

Similarly to its limited food needs, the Cairn terrier doesn’t require a lot of exercise in order to keep fit, which is strangely out of balance as this breed lives for a particularly long length of time.

As with most small dogs the Cairn terrier does have an enormous build up of energy that needs to be dissipated every once in a while; if you have a garden let them roam around for an hour or so each day, though be careful as they love to dig holes.

For those without the luxury of a large backyard space, the local park is a perfect place for both exercise and socializing with other dogs and people.

To read and understand more information about Cairn Terrier puppies, check out the highly recommended Cairn Terrier eBook and audio package today!